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Dear Customer. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that even though my company's Flagship domain has +600 members I support you myself & as long as I still get about 8 hours away from the Internet to hug my family & do trivial stuff like sleeping...I do prefer NOT to outsource since I myself hate non-caring canned answers...Please HELP me to continue helping you by spending 2 minutes reading the "Rules Of Engagement", THANKS
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    ALWAYS check the FAQs to see if your issue has been answered already (work in constant progress )
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    ALWAYS be as specific as possible
    Do NOT just write: I can't login (giving me more than 20 domains to choose from...)
    Write: I can't login to xyz membership or xyz domain - here's my receipt
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    Write: I can't download xyz product - here's my receipt (always show me a receipt if applicable)
    Do NOT just write: I host with you and I can't login
    Write: I host
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    with you and I can't login

    Do NOT just write: I installed a script and it doesn't work
    Write: I installed xyz script at URL and do give as many details as possible
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    IF PayPal mistakenly cancels your subscription (this happens to other members several times a week)
    & you want a resurrection then I need to see your latest PayPal receipt & do give me your PayPal email
    PLEASE close your ticket when your issue is solved - yes, you can blurb me simultaneously :-)
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  • ALWAYS view your ticket, "click here" after opening one - Keep that URL safe so you can get to my answer when your email provider decides you don't want to see emails sent from Unselfish - 98.7% of all tickets are answered within 24 hours so please do login and check :-)
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